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Charitable Foundation "Charitable organization «Children-Victims of the War»"
Важкі часи створюють сильних людей, добрі часи-слабких
Hard times make strong people, good times make weak ones
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About us

We appeal to you as volunteers of the Charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “Children - Victims of the War”.

Our non-profit organization was founded with the aim of humanity to provide care for war-affected children in the East of Ukraine, displaced families in difficult conditions, large and crisis families, orphanages, boarding schools. Having survived in that tragedy we would like to help those children who was and still are in the war zone and need help.

The war changed lives of thousands of children forever. Lots of them have lost their parents, friends and dwellings. In their young age, they had to see death, destruction and horrors of the war.

Constant shelling and firing make children spend their childhood in the shelters and cellar but not playgrounds. The lack of food, medicine and hygiene products have influenced children’s physical and psychological conditions. All of these make them unhappy. War-affected children have lost quiet years that cannot be back again.

The Charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “Children - Victims of the War” helps children in all possible ways such as regular food provision, medicine, hygiene products and everything needed for normal and peaceful life. The organization does everything possible to help children survive the tragedy. 

We appeal to you to contribute into our work for reaching effectiveness in our organization activity. We hope you will understand this situation and take the active part in the process of helping war-affected children. Even a small contribution is going to help children in their life normalization.

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