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Важкі часи створюють сильних людей, добрі часи-слабких
Hard times make strong people, good times make weak ones
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Hillary Clinton received a painting of the Ukrainian girl Elizaveta donated by the Children-Victims of the War Foundation

In the middle of Ukraine, there is a large iron city of Kryvyi Rih. The city was located 25 km from the front line and became a refuge center for 80,000 refugees from different regions of Ukraine.

Our charitable foundation "Children-Victims of the War" organized the delivery of humanitarian aid to the villages of the Kherson region from the city of Kryvyi Rih. Many local volunteers helped us in this work risking their lives.

Today we will tell you about a group of volunteers from our foundation "Professors of Kryvyi Rih". The group includes 3 professors: Andrii Drobot, Yaroslav Verhusha, and Mykola Bryukhovetskyi. Professors and volunteers of our charitable foundation repeatedly went to the front line delivering food, clothes, and medicines to the population of the Kherson Region and repeatedly came under artillery fire.

Our volunteers, professors Mykola Bryukhovetskyi and Yaroslav Verhusha, are constantly helping the creative workshop "Visual Art Center" in the city of Kryvyi Rih. The creative workshop was created for children who want to show their creations to the world. We thank the founder Ilona Bryzhan and the craftswoman Anastasiia Shcherbak, Professor Verhusha, and Professor Bryukhovetskyi for giving children the opportunity to develop themselves and express their emotions through drawing.

Amed Ali Khan - a great friend of Ukraine, our friend, at the invitation of Andrii Drobot, the project director of our charity organization "Children- Victims of the War", visited the "Visual Art Center" creative workshop in the winter of 2023 and was amazed by how children aged 5 to 13 see and understand the war by putting their vision into pictures. We gave Amed one of the best paintings of the "Visual Art Center" by the Ukrainian girl Elizaveta as a gift for Hillary Clinton.

We gave the picture to Hillary Clinton to draw the attention of US leaders to the suffering of Ukrainian children during the war. Children are forced to see the suffering of the people and their parents. Children suffer more than adults because the future is uncertain. Exactly this picture with a Cossack and a bandura lead our people into the future and reflects the traditions and spirit of our people. Hillary Clinton received a painting of the Ukrainian girl Elizaveta. This will establish a spiritual connection between our countries and cities.

The photo shows Hillary Clinton with the painting "Cossack of Ukraine".

City of Kryvyi Rih - City of New York.


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